This is a difficult time for everyone and in the constantly evolving situation, we will be there to help you. 

The government are constantly updating their advice and guidance. Please see below for useful links: homepage for all coronavirus advice  - Employers & business advice

Dedicated government Business Support page:

ACAS advice page:

A message from Baker Noel at this time of uncertainty

In these uncertain times, one thing is certain – Baker Noel is still here.


Currently, most of our team are working from home (in line with the government guidance). Staff that can’t work from home are here to manage with phone calls in the office, whilst observing social distancing measures.


For clients who have been with us for some time, we’ve helped your businesses to grow and shared in all of your milestones, be they business-related, personal, happy or sad. For our newer clients, we have been excited to become part of your support network and eager to help you develop your business and plan for your future.


At Baker Noel, we pride ourselves on being more than just your typical “accountants”. As such, the current situation with Covid-19 has hit us particularly hard. Not only are we under huge strain professionally to decipher the best way forward for each of your specific circumstances, but we care about the real impact of this situation on your businesses and your families.


Whilst we want nothing more than to be able to offer the prompt service that we have always strived for, we need time to digest and understand the details of the government support packages available, as details are released, so that we can continue to provide you with the accurate, bespoke and practical advice that you are used to receiving from us.


We need to protect our business and our staff, so that we can support yours.

Therefore, please can we ask the following of you, for the time being:


Updates on government support during Covid-19

If you are emailing about what support your business can receive with regards to the Covid-19, then please do not expect an immediate reply. We will continue to update you as soon as we have clear instructions from the government. Sometimes these will be group emails to all clients in a particular sector, but rest assured that we are aware of all of your particular circumstances and will forward targeted information to you where applicable.


Normal trading support

If your email is regarding normal trading, then we will reply as soon as we can, but please do bear with us during these unprecedented circumstances.



We’re sure you understand that our business is being affected by this crisis too. We know that income and cashflow is probably your biggest concern at this stage, but we need to continue to raise invoices for work we have done, and work the we will be doing.


Costs for new services

We will be here to advise and provide services for the new Covid-19 grants available via the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and Self-Employment Income Support Scheme. Please be aware that these services and all associated phone calls and emails will be billable during this period, as usual.

Please bear with us - we don’t know how much work or time will be involved in many of these new processes. Be advised, we will have to charge you for these extra services if you ask us to assist you or make these claims on your behalf. When we have more details, we will try to provide guidance as to how much these services will cost.


We will be ‘event billing’

i.e. trying to raise smaller bills more frequently over the remainder of the year. This is so you can see how much work is costing you as-and-when it is carried out, rather than receiving a large bill covering everything in a few months’ time. We hope that this will help you to manage your cashflow.


Payment plans

We have always offered the option to make payments on account towards the cost of our services.


If you know you will struggle to pay existing overdue fees over the next few months, please talk to us so that we can discuss a payment plan.


If your accounts are due to be prepared in the next few months, or you think you will be needing our assistance with obtaining grants in the near future, please talk to us about making payments on account now, to help spread the cost.

Thank you for your understanding.


Kind regards,



Baker Noel